• Casey Thomas-Hardesty

5 Simple Items to Kickstart Your Home Gym

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Woman standing on a yoga mat with a kettlebell between her feet. Only her lower legs and feet are visible.
The kettlebell is a versatile piece of equipment in any home gym.

Life with young kids can be so unpredictable. Balancing their schedules, occasional sleepless nights, and the demands of work and running a household sometimes means that you have to adjust your schedule on the fly.

So maybe you are struggling to make it to the gym on a regular basis, or maybe you want to be able to supplement your fitness routine outside of your group classes. Having just a few pieces of equipment at home can help open up a range of possibilities for your workouts. Here are our top 5 favorite pieces to jumpstart your home gym.

1 - Resistance Bands - Use these for a number of movements to target the whole body, from monster walks to banded good mornings. We love the red and black bands in our classes for both strength and mobility exercises. Don’t forget the door anchor to give you a wider range of options at home.

2 - Mini Bands - We love mini bands to boost your glute workouts and help you target potentially weak areas like the glute medius and hip flexors.

3 - Kettlebell - A quality kettlebell can be used for numerous full body movements. Our favorites are kettlebell swings (Hello Cardio!), single leg and traditional deadlifts, and goblet squats. A 20-25 lb kettlebell is a great place to start for medium to heavy weight movements.

4 - Wall ball or slam ball – We prefer the wall ball for its’ ability to slightly bounce back to you in ball slams, which can help reduce symptoms for pregnant or postpartum moms or those with core or pelvic floor disorders. In addition to the cardio and core work of ball slams, you can use the ball for cleans, odd object carries, or over the shoulder passes.

5 - Dumbbells - Dumbbells are extremely versatile. Work on your upper body with overhead and bench presses or rows. Grab heavy or mixed weight dumbbells for full body workouts with farmer’s carries. Take a dumbbell with you for squats and lunges for a bump up from body weight movement. If you have the money and space, we like having at least one heavy and one lighter set.

Want a home workout to test some of your new equipment? Try this one out.

12 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

10 Pallof press (see demo)

15 Squats

20 Ball slams

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